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Advisory Council

The Governor’s Advisory Council on Education Technology was formed with the passage of Senate Bill No. 248 and tasked with developing a strategic plan to improve West Virginia’s integration of technology and education.  Comprised of 15 members from different parts of the state’s education system, the Advisory Council works to address West Virginia’s most critical educational technology needs.  As stated within the legislation:

The Governor's Advisory Council for Educational Technology shall develop a unified educational technology strategic plan and submit the plan to the Legislative Oversight Commission on Education Accountability for approval on or before the first day of October, two thousand five.  (W.VA. code 18-2J-5 a)

The Advisory Council is committed to an Educational Technology strategic plan tailored around the voices of students, teachers, and administrators throughout West Virginia.  This strategic plan should encompass the broad spectrum of technology needs present within the state’s education system.

The Governor’s Advisory Council for Educational Technology plan:

  • Collect Data Collect information from statewide surveys and committee research to assemble the perspectives and needs of students, teachers, and administrators regarding educational technology programs and incorporate these perspectives into the policy recommendations of the GACET

  • Build Plan as a Team Utilize the data gathered through the statewide surveys and develop a strategic plan that integrates the diverse viewpoints of the survey participants as well as those of the Advisory Council members while making the most judicious use of state resources

  • Present to Legislature Present the Advisory Council’s Strategic Plan and budget to the legislature for approval

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